Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slightly Better Than Never.

Nancy Jo, along with Warm Bath, are very pleased to present the first installment in the Sound Cartography series. This 12" LP features contributions from Jon Kortland (Iron Lung, Pig Heart Transplant), Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Lana Dagales), Patrick Bolger (Gas Chamber, Running For Cover), and David Bailey (Cages, Running For Cover). Sound Cartography is concerned with the investigation of how individuals react when presented with unfamiliar material. Using a linear sequence, each consecutive participant ultimately determines the structure & feel of the record, taking cues from the previous submissions. A libretto echoing out from the sound of space stations slowly deteriorating. Limited to 300 copies on 140g vinyl. Featuring the direct linework of Mark Sirek and someone else screened onto a heavy-duty chipboard cover by the fine folks at Monolith Press.

$13ppd (US) / $16ppd (CA) / $23ppd (World)
Payments to: Nancyjorecords at gmail dot com

"The Ten of Swords represents a worst case scenario wherein everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. At the same time, it also represents a victim mentality. One sword could kill a man, ten swords point to embellishment (and the implication of self-fulfilling prophecy). It becomes a vicious, confused circle where it's unclear who has been shot, who has shot him or herself in the foot, and who will go down next. Nothing has been resolved. The dream ends in death."
The final two recordings from Philadelphia's mighty OTESANEK on a 12"LP. These tracks were recorded at the same session which produced the song "Seven Are They" featured on the FOUR BURIALS compilation cd. Limited to 500 copies on 180g vinyl. Featuring gorgeous cover artwork from Pippi Zornoza (Bonedust, Vvltvre) screened onto heavy-duty chipboard covers at Monolith Press.
$13ppd (US) / $16ppd (CA) / $23ppd (World)
Paypal to : Nancyjorecords at gmail dot com

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