Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You were where?

While we tally it all up, let's take a look backwards.

Performed with God of Gaps at Black Dots in Febuary. Set was recorded and will be released.
Performed as a quartet with TJ (cello) & Kyle (bass) opening for The Body/Thou collab in the July.
Performed along with Drew McDowall, Winter Line, and York Factory Complaint at Silent Barn in August.
Performed with TJ (cello) along with Death Kneel in August.
Performed at the Hallwalls 40th anniversary party along with Tony Conrad and Karen Finley in October.

Recorded at GCR for 3 days in July with a string quintet. More recordings, etc over the winter.

"Vivipary" is released on Vinyl!! Available from NJR or Black Dots.

Performed "Modern Vision of the Erect Nightmare" with an expanded 8 piece lineup on the Amherst St. subway station in October 2013.
Performed in Scandinavia from May 4-18.
Performed on the East Coast with D.O.C. October 3-11 2014.

Recorded "Hemorrhaging Light" and "Stained Hand".

"Hemorrhaging Light" currently sold out. Repress soon. "Stained Hand" to be released in March.

Two split releases in the works.
                                                                                            GC in Goteburg.

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